Our Getting Greek classes are well known the world over for one thing above all else: drastic and lasting results.

I’ve spent over 30 years of my life immersed in the language of the New Testament. Eight years ago, I developed a system designed to help those with little or no knowledge of Greek learn to truly “get it.” In just seven sessions, you’ll find yourself falling in love with God’s Word on a level you never before dreamt possible. I love seeing people move from “maybe I can get this” to “I can actually learn the language of God’s Word.” By the time the seminar concludes, most students have experienced several breakthrough moments with the language.

Our office is regularly flooded with reports from students astonished at how their new grasp on Greek continues to revolutionize their understanding of Scripture.

It is time to take your knowledge of God's Word to the next level!

Welcome to Trump of God Ministries

Fostering knowledge and equipping believers in changing the world for Christ

We are a thriving, growing group, learning and working together in God’s presence for the dual purpose of maximizing personal spiritual growth as well as reaching out to the world with Christ’s love and building His Kingdom. Trump of God began with a single small grass-roots church plant in the fall of 2004. Today, it has grown to encompass a new church and ministerial network along with a variety of Bible training options. Living Truth Church–Carmel, Getting Greek© language seminars, Handling Hebrew© language seminars, and Church History Compass© course—all are a cross-section of serving the Cross. The vision God placed in Pastor Keith Trump’s heart was to reach and teach nationwide and across the globe. We wholeheartedly welcome you to join us in the journey.

What You Get When You Sign Up

  1. 01
    • Student Packet Download

  2. 02
    • Session One: Introduction; Why Learn Greek Part One

    • Session Two: Why Learn Greek Part Two; How To Learn Greek

    • Session Three: A History Of Greek Language Part One

    • Session Four: A History Of Greek Language Part Two; The Greco Roman World Of The New Testament

    • Sessions 1-4 Quiz

  3. 03
    • Session Five: The Greek Alphabet

  4. 04
    • Session Six: Greek Diphthongs, Accent Marks, and Breathing Marks

    • Sessions 5-6 Quiz

    • Session Seven: Greek Punctuation; The Most Common New Testament Greek Words

    • Session Eight: Important New Testament Greek Words In Greco Roman Culture

  5. 05
    • Session Nine: Greek Indefinite and Definite Articles; Greek Inflection Part One

    • Sessions 7-9 Quiz

    • Session Ten: Greek Inflection Part Two; Introduction To Greek Verbs

    • Session 10 Quiz

  6. 06
    • Session Eleven: Unlocking Limitations Of English Bible Translations

  7. 07
    • Session Twelve: Greek Prepositions Part One

    • Session Thirteen: Greek Prepositions Part Two; Greek Verbs Part Two

    • Sessions 11-13 Quiz

  8. 08
    • Session Fourteen: Greek Word Studies Part One

    • Session Fifteen: Greek Word Studies Part Two

    • Sessions 14-15 Quiz

Meet Your Instructor

A native of Carmel, Indiana, Keith Trump founded Living Truth Church in 2003. He continues to lead this thriving ministry. Prior to founding Living Truth, Keith ministered in churches throughout the United States as well as oversees in both Nicaragua and Haiti. Keith has an overflowing passion for teaching the whole Word of God. The Lord took him through many years of preparation in order to accomplish this endeavor. In addition to graduating from Rhema Bible Training Center, Keith holds BA degrees from Evangel University in both Biblical Studies and Missions. He also has a Master of Divinity degree from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. While at Evangel, Keith earned multiple honors such as Outstanding Greek Student, the Zondervan Medal of Achievement For Outstanding Greek Studies, the American Bible Society Scholars Award, the highest distinction of Outstanding Biblical Studies Graduate, and many other scholarships. During his time at seminary, Keith received the prestigious Presidential Scholarship for each of his years of study. In addition to Hebrew and Aramaic studies, he continued to pursue advanced level Greek courses.

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